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Terms of Service

1. Flowers are a seasonal product

Therefore not always the whole variety of the offer is available and deliverable. The range is changed regularly. Accordingly, the bouquets are adapted to the respective season. A delivered bouquet may look a bit different in nature than on the picture. Each bouquet is an individual piece of work, which is put together daily by our florists fresh and corresponds to the image in shape and color as possible. The flowers are adapted to our seasonal offer. The picture corresponds in the price range about the average size "figure". The size "minimum" is correspondingly smaller, "deluxe" correspondingly larger.

2. Fair Trade roses with Max Havelaar seal of quality

Since December 2004, Leutwyler Floristik AG is pleased to be able to offer you Max Havelaar-certified roses in first-class specialized trade quality as one of the first flower shops in Switzerland. The Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) awards a seal of approval for products from so-called developing countries, which are produced according to strict social and ecological criteria and are fairly traded. It regularly monitors compliance with these standards throughout the retail chain. Already today more than 10'000 flower workers and their families benefit from the advantages of fair trade. Fleurop and Max Havelaar - working together for more fairness. For orders, please contact our floristry team Phone: 0041 41 210 99 00 or E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on!

3. Delivery date

Deliveries are made on working days on the desired delivery date or within 24 hours of placing the order. (Abroad 48h).

Only deliveries to funerals / weddings are guaranteed in time. Therefore, the customer is asked to give us the delivery time as accurately as possible.A guaranteed delivery at a certain time only takes place with a corresponding agreement with our floristry team by phone: 0041 41 210 99 00 or E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on! and is usually charged as an express delivery (supplement plus CHF 25.00 on the respective delivery charge). No deliveries are possible in the evening, on Sundays or public holidays.

Important: Please make sure that your desired delivery date is not a local holiday. For deliveries we do not provide delivery guarantee on local public holidays. Deliveries that have been placed for a delivery date on a Sunday or public holiday will be delivered the next working day.

4. Deliveries

In order for the desired delivery to be carried out on time and without delay, please note that the delivery address given, including the local telephone number, is correct and complete. For any delays or non-deliveries due to incorrect or incomplete addresses no liability can be accepted. Additional deliveries due to incorrect address details or the absence of the recipient will be invoiced at cost.

Please notice that

For deliveries to hospitals, nursing departments or senior residences, the department and the room number should be indicated if possible. Deliveries can only be guaranteed for reception (eg hospital).

For hotel deliveries, we ask - if possible - the name under which the recipient is registered in the hotel to indicate (travel group, couples, etc.) The deliveries are guaranteed only to the hotel reception.

in the case of delivery of flowers to "work addresses", it is absolutely necessary to also state the company name of the recipient with whom they work. (including telephone number)

Our bouquets are packed wet for delivery.

In the absence of the recipient, the delivery service is entitled to give the flower greeting to third parties (eg neighbors, etc.) or to place them in front of the house / apartment door. The same applies to gifts (accompanying letters, gifts, etc.). The purchaser informs himself in advance about the presence of the recipient. We accept no liability for flowers and supplements as a result of absence. (eg holidays etc.) of the recipient.

We are pleased to present your floral greeting with the team of the Velokurier Luzern-Zug. Fast, reliable and environmentally friendly as well. Exactly what we need to deliver our flowery workpieces. And the best of it? Together with you, we bear responsibility towards future generations to leave an intact environment by choosing this most ecological means of transport for your flower delivery.

In addition to these general terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the Velocurfer Lucerne-Zug apply. In the event of contradictions between these General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of the Velocurfer Lucerne Train, these General Terms and Conditions apply.

Card Message

Please always add a name to the card text as a signature. So the recipient is informed by whom the flower greeting is.

"Anoyme" card greetings unsettle the recipient because they are often not sure from whom they have received the flower greeting to thank you in the right place.

Your sender name and address will not be automatically printed to the recipient on the card for privacy reasons.

5. Flower deliveries to the whole world

As a Fleurop / Interflora partner, Leutwyler Floristik AG can draw on the unique distribution network of Fleurop / Interflora. We are happy to have your order executed by one of our 50'000 Fleurop / Interflora partners around the world.

Any time difference and local opening hours must be taken into account. For most European countries, execution is guaranteed on the same day if the order is placed no later than 09.00. It's no problem to have Fleurop deliver flowers at the other end of the world. The floral "culture", the understanding of floristry is often shaped differently in foreign countries than in Switzerland. The local Fleurop partners therefore always deliver floral greetings typical of the country, which may differ from the illustrations.

In Switzerland, delivery is guaranteed in all localities. Worldwide, our 50,000 Fleurop / Interflora partners carry out flower and plant orders in 154 countries. Nevertheless, not all locations can be supplied abroad. If your order concerns a smaller location abroad, please ask our floristry team about the possibility of a flower delivery. Our team will be happy to make the necessary clarifications for you and then to notify you. Telephone: 0041 41 210 99 00 or E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on!

6. Fleurop / Interflora

Orders outside the delivery area of ​​the Velokuriers (Lucerne, Ebikon and Agglomeration) are carried out by one of our 50'000 Fleurop / Interflora partners, Switzerland - & worldwide. In addition to these General Terms and Conditions, all provisions of Fleurop / Interflora apply to these orders. In case of contradictions between these General Terms and Conditions and the provisions of Fleurop / Interflora, these General Terms and Conditions apply. For these orders, we vouch for the guarantee that your order will be delivered with love and care and in the best quality.

7. Privacy / Privacy Protection

For Leutwyler Floristik AG, maintaining your privacy is an absolute priority. We strive to guarantee you the highest level of data protection and security. Leutwyler Floristik AG only uses your personal data to process orders. Your email address and your personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. (In our shop, the order is processed via an order form, the information contained therein is used exclusively for the delivery of your order, for the order confirmation and, if necessary, for queries or additional information about our offer.We will send you a seasonal newsletter with news by Leutwyler Floristik You can do this at any time by clicking on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. to unsubscribe. Further information can be found in our privacy policy .

8. Protection of minors in the sale of alcohol

Swiss law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to young people under the age of 18. With the order, you, the buyer, confirm that the alcoholic beverage is not used unlawfully and that you and the recipient are at least 16 years old.

9. Prices / delivery charge

Minimum order flower value CHF 40.00 plus delivery charge / and possibly card and / or Fleurop / Interflora service tax (except single flowers from CHF 18.00 plus CHF 19.80 delivery and service taxes.) The pictures (illustration) of the bouquets correspond to the middle to higher price data in the online shop The prices shown are inclusive of VAT of the product in question.Without mention, the illustrated vases are not included in the bouquets and roses.For the arrangements the vessels / baskets are included in the price.If the flower greeting of the recipient of the recipient Leutwyler Floristik AG has the right to charge the delivery anyway, the flower prices we quote in Switzerland are all inclusive of 2.5% VAT Fleurop-Grüsse abroad are VAT-exempt Our UID and VAT Number CHE-248.198.918 VAT

Delivery fees & service taxes in Lucerne, Ebikon & agglomeration by our courier service and throughout Switzerland via Fleurop CHF 19.80 

Service taxes International CHF 24.00. Additional deliveries due to incorrect address details or the absence of the recipient will be invoiced at cost.

10. Payment

You can pay conveniently via credit card or pay pal. The products ordered in the online shop can be settled most easily by credit card, Mastercard, VISA, or pay pal. You will not receive an additional credit card commission from us for this payment. Invoices can only be shipped in Switzerland. Important : On Valentine's Day in the period from 13.-15. February you can pay conveniently via credit card or pay pal. Orders with invoice delivery can not be accepted during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

For clients from abroad flower deliveries are only executed if they are paid in the online shop directly via via credit card or pay pal. Leutwyler Floristik AG reserves the right to make any kind of payment, a credit check by our partner organization in cooperation with Fleurop (Schweiz) AG. The delivery of the bouquet to the desired delivery date is only with appropriate creditworthiness of the client.

Your credit card details will not be saved. They are transmitted and validated at the end of an order process via an encrypted connection directly to the credit card companies. 

If you choose the payment method instead of the credit card, a credit check will be carried out at Intrum Justitia. Negative credit checks lead to the automatic cancellation of the order. For the verification of your creditworthiness, however, only your first and last name as well as your address will be passed on. If you would like your order to be executed anyway, we ask you to enter it again and pay by credit card or paypal. Thank you for your understanding.

If an invoice is not paid on time, we reserve the right to transfer the claim to the collection agency.

In addition, we assure you that the personal data will not be disclosed or traded for any other purpose and will be treated in strict confidence according to data protection legislation. Invoices are due within 10 days for payment. In the event of late payment, Leutwyler Floristik AG may charge a processing fee of CHF 20.00 per reminder.

11. Exchange rates

All prices are in Swiss Francs. Invoices are to be paid in Swiss francs.

12. Order confirmation

On business days, you will receive an order confirmation email within business hours within business hours. This email contains delivery date and recipient address information. If you have not received an order confirmation, please contact our floristry team.

13. Identification of the customer

The name and address details of the customer must be correct and complete. It is essential to provide a telephone number for inquiries during the opening hours of Leutwyler Floristik AG.

14. Identification of the recipient

The names and addresses of the customer must be correct and complete. They must be recognizable in accordance with the principles of the postal service in the recipient country. An indication of the recipient's / recipient's telephone number guarantees the desired delivery on the desired delivery date. (For foreign orders the telephone number of the recipient is absolutely necessary)

15. Transmission error

Any damage resulting from the use of mail, telephone, fax, telex, internet and other forms of transmission or transport organizations, namely loss, delay, misunderstanding, mutilation or duplication as well as misuse of data by third parties shall be borne by the customer, provided that Leutwyler Floristik AG usual due diligence.

16. Warranty

Customer satisfaction is very important and guaranteed at Leutwyler Floristik AG.  In particular, we guarantee that all orders are handled professionally and that all flowers and plants are delivered in fresh and impeccable quality on time by our delivery service or Fleurop / Interflora. We guarantee the conscientious handling of every order. Our satisfaction guarantee includes:

Delivery of the ordered goods by our delivery service

Fresh and impeccable quality

Delivery on the agreed day

With this guarantee we guarantee that your order will be executed with love, care and in the best quality.

If you are still not satisfied with the delivery or the quality, please submit your criticism to our floristry team within 3 days of delivery at the latest. Telephone: 0041 41 210 99 00 or E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

17 Cancellation 

The flower order can be canceled two working days before the desired delivery date, stating important reasons.

Cancellation after this period can only be accepted in exceptional cases. Cancellations are to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the telephone number 0041 41 210 99 00 during normal business hours.

18. Service

For special orders or information please contact us:

Leutwyler Floristik AG 

Flower Shop Bahnhof Luzern

6002 Lucerne / Switzerland

Telephone 0041 (0) 41 210 99 00 

Fax 0041 80) 41 210 99 06

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.30h

Saturday 08.00 - 18.30h 

Sunday 09.00 - 18.30h


Leutwyler Floristik AG L

FlowerAtelier Ebikon 

Kaspar Kopp Strasse 131

6030 Ebikon / Switzeralnd

Telephone 0041 (o) 41 420 29 43 

0041 (o) 41 420 29 53

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours: 

Monday- Friday 08.00 - 12.00 / 13.00 - 18.00 

Saturday 08.00 - 16.00

For all questions in connection with your order please contact our floristry team during the respective business opening times.

19. Legal

All legal relationships between the customer and Leutwyler Floristik AG are governed by Swiss law.

Copyrght Fotos & Texte: Leutwyler Floristik AG, Luzern / Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) AG / Fotolia LLC 345 Park Ave San Jose, CA 95110 USA Copyright Photos & Texts: Leutwyler Floristik AG, Lucerne / Fleurop Interflora (Schweiz) AG / Fotolia LLC 345 Park Ave San Jose, CA 95110 USA


By completing and submitting the order form on the Internet or otherwise communicating an order, a purchase contract between the customer and Leutwyler Floristik AG under Swiss law, regardless of the location of the purchaser at the time of recording and regardless of its headquarters. Leutwyler Floristik AG reserves The right to refuse orders at any time.

20. Retention of title

Each delivered product remains the property of Leutwyler Floristik AG until full payment.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Leutwyler Floristik AG reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

Lucerne, 01.09.2016 / rl / supplements May 2018 with the privacy policy / 

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